Blitzkrieg Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery

9:00 PM Eastern
8:00 PM Central
7:00 PM Mountain
6:00 PM Pacific

Preregistration is NOT required but reading the
arena message IS. Please review the arena message
before asking the CM questions about the event.

Hosted by: Marshal & SheGotYa
Sponsored by: Heavy Metal Sunday

***Please read the details below in order***
***to cut down on unnecessary questions. ***

Terrain - arden08's
Start Field - A210
Vox/Text - Both 200

2 man teams will take aim at taking as many targets
down as possible within 5 minutes.

The targets will be all remaining members of the

The targets will leave the hanger and have 2
minutes to drive and/or hide throughout the base. 

Target vehicles can not leave the base.

When targets are in place and engines off the 2 man
teams will leave the hanger and kill as many targets as
fast as possible.

The 2 man team with the most kills wins the event.

Target vehicles can take any heavy armor vehicle.

Target vehicles may NOT shoot back at the 2 man

2 man teams can take any heavy armor vehicle.