Tobacco Factory

                   Tobacco Factory
                   September of 1943

Screenshot by Fencer

By 12 September elements of the 26th Panzer Division and the 29th Panzer Grenadier Division, arriving from the South, had reinforced the 16th Panzer Division in the Battipaglia-Eboli area. These forces entered the
battle of Salerno against VI Corps. From the North the Hermann Goering Division with detachments of the 15th Panzer Grenadier Division had also come to form another concentration in the Nocera district, facing 10 Corps. The 3d Panzer Grenadier Division had at least one battalion in the line on 14 September. Units from these divisions, organized in battle groups resembling our combat teams, were preparing to counterattack the Fifth Army.

Late in the afternoon of 12 September, Allied troops moved up again under a smoke screen fired by Company C, 2d Chemical Battalion. Companies A and C, 191st Tank Battalion, spearheaded the advance toward
the Factory at 1700. After clearing the Factory grounds, the tanks pushed on into the woods at the northeast end of the Tobacco Factory swell and withdrew at 1830. They left the 1st Battalion, 157th Infantry, in command of the area from the Factory to the road junction in the Grataglia. The 3d Battalion paralleled the advance by moving into positions west and south of Torre Palladino by 2200.
Country Percentages:
Allies 50%
Axis 50%

Allied Gv's 191st Tank Battalion:
M4A3 75
M4A3 76

Roll from V109 using the NE Spawn. Attack and capture Tobacco Factory (A97's town) by T+60 after frame start. Must have ownership at T+60. 

A97 does not have vehicles enabled. Rockets are disabled for the M4's. Base capture requires 20 troops.
26th Panzer Division 
Panzer IV F
Panzer IV H
SdKfz 251
Tiger 1
Roll from A93 using the South spawn. Prevent the Allies from capturing Tobacco Factory (A97's town). 
A97 does not have vehicles enabled. Rockets are disabled for the Sdkfz251. Tigers will be available at T+15 minutes after frame starts.

Panzers 10 points
M4's 10 points
Tiger 1 10 Points

Base Captured and held at T+60 = Allied Victory

Arena Settings:
1. Terrain - Italy
2. Icon Range - Short
3. Radar - Off
4. Fighter and Bomber Warning Range - 21,120 (about 4 miles)
5. Ground Vehicle Warning Range - 21,120 (about 4 miles)
6. Tower Range - 21,120 (for display to aid players, set to match the above setting)
7. Visibility - 17 miles
8. Wind - None
8. External view for bombers (F3) - On
9. Friendly Collisions - Off
10. Enemy Collisions - On
11. Kill Shooter - Off
12. Fuel - 1.0
13. Ack - 0.3
14. Time - 18:00 x 1

Designer notes:  
Tobacco Factory must be secured and owned by American force's at T+60.

CM Notes:
Multiple Life Event and Resuppling is Allowed. 
Town down percentage to 75%.
Map Room Hardness to .0030.
Design by: