2009 Winners and Wabbits

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2009 Winners and Wabbits
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2009 King Of The Hill Results.

 December's FriKOTH may have been the longest of the year, for Fridays at least. It lasted around three hours and fourty five minutes with just over two dozen participants at the most. We flew eleven rounds and had four wabbits trying for the win.
Congratulations and <S> to Kazaa for the win!!!  The Ki-84-Ia was chosen for January's first crate.

Round by round results:
[1] Grizz in a Bf 109K-4
[2] 100Chewi in a Bf 109G-14
[3] Chanzz in a Yak-9T
[4] Phanta in a Yak-9U
[5] Bruv119 in a Spitfire Mk. IX
[6] Viperius in a Spitfire Mk. V
[7] Viperius in a P-38J   (Wabbit)
[8] Kazaa in a Spitfire Mk. VIII
[9] DrBone in a Me 262A-1
[10] Kazaa in a Spitfire Mk. XVI   (Wabbit)
[11] DrBone in a Ki-84-Ia   (Wabbit)
[12] Bruv119 in a Hurricane Mk. I   (Wabbit)
[13] Kazaa wins in a F56F-5

Tournament Of Champions invitations will be reserved for:
KOTH: Kazaa
Wabbits: Bruv119, DrBone, Viperius

Top five killers were: Kazaa-31, DrBone-29, Bruv119-19, 100Chewi-13, TC-10.

SatKOTH lasted about 4 hrs with 50+ players battling for that round win.  Took 12 rounds and 3 wabbits to determine the December SatKOTH winner.  Congratulations and <S> to Krupnski for the win!!! The BF109K-4 was chosen for January's first crate for 2010.

Round by round results:
[1] Limbo0 in a Spitfire Mk.VIII
[2] Swoop in a BF109E-4
[3] Kazaa in a F6F-5
[4] Limbo0 in a Spitfire Mk.XVI  (Wabbit)
[5] Drbone in a N1K2-J
[6] 18Whisky in a Ki-84-Ia
[7] Drbone in a Ki-61-I-Tei  (Wabbit)
[8] Sunsfan in a F4U-1C  
[9] Krupnski in a BF109G-14
[10] Krupnski in a BF110C-4b  (Wabbit)
[11] Dedalos in a Typhoon
[12] Krupnski wins in a P38J  (Winner)

Tournament Of Champions invitations will be reserved for:
KOTH: Krupnski
Wabbits: Drbone, Limbo0

Top 5 Killers were:
   Krupnski : 22
   Limbo0 : 21
   DrBone : 18
   Kazaa : 17
   18whisky : 13