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    FriKOTH, I hate to say, was not the best KOTH we're ever had, possibly the opposite. As host I was discoed three times. We had a few more people attend and moved to a different field and the clouds disappeared requiring a reload of the map. The event itself was good but the technical oddities put a damper on the fun somewhat.     FriKOTH lasted about 2 1/2 hours with aroune 17 players. We had a total of 9 rounds with 3 Wabbits going for the victory.
Congratulations and <S> to AKDogg for the win!!!  The Fw 190-A8 was chosen for Septembers first crate.

Round by round results:
[1] Bosco in a Hurricane Mk.I
[2] 100Chewi in a D3A1
[3] AKDogg in a I-16 [first ever I-16 win in KOTH]
[4] AKDogg in a P-47D11   (Wabbit)
[5] xxxJCxxx in a F4U-1
[6] 100chewi in a N1K2-J   (Wabbit)
[7] AKJrDogg in a C.202
[8] Bosco in a P-40B   (Wabbit)
[9] AKDogg wins in a Me 163B

Tournament Of Champions invitations will be reserved for:
Wabbits: Bosco, 100Chewi

Top five killers were; AKJrDogg and 100Chewi 11, Bosco 9, rattler 8, AKDogg 6.
These numbers may not be 100% accurate with the technical oddities mentioned above. I did try to be accurate though.

Well, Another SatKOTH goes down in the record books as one of the most attended.  We had 7 rounds and approx 60 people battling while 2 wabbits try to take the win of the event.  Congradulations and <S> to Lazer for the Win!!  Lazer choose the P40-B for Sept. first ride.

Round by round results:
[1] Hopper in a Mosquito Mk. VI
[2] Dedalos in a BF109G-14
[3] 18Whisky in a Ki-61-I-Tei
[4] 18Whisky in a Me 262A-1   (Wabbit)
[5] Lazer in a Fw 190D-9
[6] Lazer in a P-38J  (Wabbit)
[7] Lazer in a P-38G  (Winner)

Tournament Of Champions invitations will be reserved for:
KOTH: Lazer
Wabbits: 18Whiskey

Top 5 killers:

Dedalos : 13
Lazer : 13
Sethbag : 12
18whisky : 10
Hopper : 7