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 April FriKOTH was low on attendance but high on rounds flown. It lasted about 1 3/4 hours with a dozen or so participants. We had 9 rounds with 3 Wabbits, although 1 had to leave early and was not fighting for the win.
Congratulations and <S> to SunsFan for the win!!! the Bf 109K-4 was chosen for Mays first aeroplane.

Round by round results:
[1] AKDogg in a Spitfire Mk.XVI
[2] Bosco in an F6F-5
[3] BMathis in a D3A1
[4] AKDogg in a Spitfie Mk.I   (Wabbit)
[5] Bosco in a F4U-1   (Wabbit)
[6] SunsFan in a P-38G
[7] SunsFan in a Bf 109K-4   (Wabbit)
[8] Tec in a Bf 109F-4
[9] SunsFan wins in a P-47D-40

Tournament Of Champions invitations will be reserved for:
KOTH: SunsFan
Wabbits: AKDogg, Bosco

Top 5 killers were AKDogg 12, SunsFan 11, Bosco 9, Avaro and BMathis with 7.

April SatKOTH was low on attendance also. It lasted about 3 hours with 23 pilots trying to win it all. We had 10 rounds with 2 Wabbits.
Congratulations and <S> to TonyJoey for the win!!! the Spitfire MkV was chosen for May's first Ride.

Round by round results:
[1] TonyJoey in a P38-J
[2] TonyJoey in an Spitfire Mk.V (Wabbit)
[3] Fudgums in a D3A1
[4] Bosco in a Hurricane Mk.I  
[5] Tec in a La7  
[6] Bearkats in a Me262A-1
[7] HPriller in a Typhoon  
[8] oSCOTCHo in a FW190A-5
[9] oSCOTCHo in a Bf109G-14 (Wabbit)
[10] TonyJoey wins in a Bf109K-4

Tournament Of Champions invitations will be reserved for:
KOTH: TonyJoey
Wabbits: oSCOTCHo

Top 5 killers:
1. ToNYJoEY : 22
2. oSCOTCHo : 11
3. AkRaVeN : 10
4. Bosco : 9
5. HPriller : 9